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The ghost twitterer

There is still much to be said about the ubiquity of the Internet. With Twitter, there’s no escaping being attached 24-7 to the Web. I recently started twittering and am still trying to figure out the best way to exploit this phenomenon. For the time being, I’ve used it mostly to promote my new blog, that which you are reading right now. Social networking, it seems, is used more for shameless self-promotion and self-aggrandizement than anything else. Celebrities too are getting in on the action. If you’re a celebrity, you can hire someone to “ghost tweet” your Twitter. Writers have been doing this for years, collaborating with famous people to write their books or biographies.

I fancy when I become famous, I would still Twitter my own 140-character status with my own hands. And should I somehow break my collarbone in a horrific Tour de France crash, I’ll Tweet with my uninjured hand so all my adoring fans will know “I’m still alive!” What can I say, I love my fans.

But if you still would like to ghost tweet for me, I’m taking your applications.

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