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Catholics and evangelicals together

returnI picked up this little book at the 2008 annual Evangelical Theological Society meeting last November in Providence, Rhode Island. Francis Beckwith, who was the former ETS president in 2007, narrates his return to the Roman Catholic church. This fine book is divided into two parts: personal narrative and theological reflection. I found the latter part to be quite insightful since Beckwith provides his raison d’être for becoming a Catholic again (he was baptized as an infant in the Catholic church). Beckwith’s reflection focuses on the Reformers’ notion of imputation versus Catholic’s infusion of righteousness and grace. This reflection, not surprisingly, is based on several Patristic readings, which, I believe, today’s evangelicals could greatly benefit from. I’ve always found the idea of “forensic” imputation to be arbitrary and stilted. [….]

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